stinky stories


Where do Stinky Stories come from?

Stinky Stories are stories about a real cat named Stinky. They are tales told to my step daughter in order to trick her into sleep. They never get her to sleep, but at times I would like to think so. I have been telling the stories for the last year. Jamie still dosen't believe me when I tell her that the stories are true. Usualy the stories are 10-15 minutes in length.

Why the name Stinky?

Hummm... Good question. The cat's name was Stinky because Jamie named her cat stinky. Jamie claims stinky really did stink. But frankly the cat dosen't smell too bad until we forget to change the litter.

What kind of cat is Stinky?

Beats me? Jamie says he's a black and white cat.

What is the monkey character?

The monkey is a character I have toyed with for about 4-5 years, and is still taking form. He has appeared as a 10-15 second bumper spot on television for E! Entertainment Television. He is always at the front of mindless entertainment.



stinky stories are the true stories of stinky the cat.